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I believe that all men are endowed by their Creator with the inalienable right to life from the moment of conception. Everything that we can do on the state level must be done to protect the unborn. Every restriction, every ordinance must be enacted and enforced. I will support legislation to broaden protection for unborn Hoosiers. Abortion facilities ought to be held to the highest medical standards. Mothers should be made fully aware of the physical dangers as well as the emotional and negative side effects of abortion and should have readily available the information and support to choose life.

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Marriages and families are the backbone of American society and are what make our country great. Marriage in America is under attack. I believe Indiana must follow in the path blazed by more than 30 other states, and allow Hoosiers to pass an Amendment to the Indiana State Constitution defining marriage as the union between one man and one woman.

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Lower Taxes

I believe lower taxes and less government create economic growth. We must keep taxes low so Hoosiers can keep more of their hard earned dollars and to give entrepreneurs a greater incentive to succeed. However, we cannot lower taxes without shrinking government. We need to increase efficiency at all levels of government, from the townships to the state. I believe the best way to cut taxes is to cap and limit spending at both the state and local level.

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The government does not exist to create jobs; Hoosier creativity and initiative create jobs. I support business-friendly tax policies and incentives to encourage Hoosier entrepreneurs to succeed. I believe in Hoosier ingenuity, and I will fight to minimize government regulations in order to attract more well-paying jobs to the 21st House District and our state.

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Parents have the sacred right to raise and educate their children free from unnecessary government interference. I believe in the parents' right to choose how to educate their children, whether public, private or home school. I support providing additional educational options for parents and students, such as Charter Schools, which will also strengthen our public schools through competition.

Second Amendment Rights

As a member of the NRA, I will be more than just a defender of our right to keep and bear arms, I will be a champion. Thousands of Hoosiers are taking personal responsibility to protect themselves, their families, and their fellow citizens and I believe this is the key to maintaining a safe community.

Press Release: Wesco Receives NRA Endorsement

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